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Realistic Love Doll
- Dec 03, 2018 -

This green-eyed, blonde beauty has the body of a lingerie model, an out-of-control sex drive, and she wants to go home with you!

Whether you’re interested in a partner, a lover or both, this doll is everything you could want. This Ultimate Fantasy Doll from Pipedream is one of the most realistic love dolls ever made. Measuring 5’ 6” tall, Kitty is truly life size with long, blonde hair, soulful eyes and legs that go on forever.

Her face and body look shockingly life like and feel just as real – whether you’re cuddling on the couch or snuggling in bed after working up a sweat. Kitty’s perky 36D breasts and bubble-shaped butt feel perfectly natural when you squeeze them. Her rear even makes a sexy smacking sound when you spank her. Kitty’s vagina, mouth and backdoor feel just right wrapped around your shaft. And Kitty is fully poseable with working joints so she can stand up on her own or bend into all types of positions!

  • She is shockingly life-like with silky hair, expressive eyes and the perfect body of a supermodel.

  • She body and joints are fully poseable so she can perform everyday stuff like holding your hand or watching TV together. This gal can also bend and twist into different sex positions – including missionary, doggy, cowgirl and just about anything else you're up for.

  • Look at our photos: those soft lips and inviting mouth are perfect for going down on you.

  • A pair of perky 25C breasts are so soft and so delightfully squeezable to the touch. Enjoy details like Lacey's inviting hard nipples – a dream to suck on. Lacey loves wrapping them around your shaft and pumping away.

  • She has skin that feels incredibly realistic to the touch – especially when you’re cuddling with her, or just hanging out.

  • And that perfectly smooth, hairless vagina is everything you’ve been dreaming about… plus so much more!

  • Admire a curvy rear that's ready and waiting for a spanking – complete with a stimulating, life-like smacking sound – perfect for when you’re playing with her super-tight backdoor!

  • Those smooth, long legs can wrap around your waist or she can offer them up to you so you can suck on her toes!

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