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About The Rabbit Vibrators
- Nov 06, 2018 -

About the Rabbit Vibrators

The Rabbit Vibrator was first made popular by the beloved Sex and the City television show. Why are these toys so popular? One of the biggest reasons is that this vibe can perform the same functions of 2-3 different sex toys. The Rabbit is guaranteed to be one of the most talented lovers you’ve ever had in bed.

Another popular feature of the Rabbit vibe is its fluttering bunny ears. These ears lightly vibrate and flutter to stimulate a woman’s clit. This is ideal for women who are sensitive to direct contact on their clitoris. Knock off versions of the original Rabbit have taken the form of other animals, including butterflies and dolphins. These great sex toys offer a wide variety of options for sexual pleasure in the bedroom. Here are a few things you are going to need to know before purchasing one:

1) How much pressure and vibration can you withstand on your clit?

2) What kinds of experiences have other women had with the Rabbit vibe you are considering?

3) What are the exact dimensions of the Rabbit vibe you are looking at?

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