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A Best Portable Vibrators
- Oct 22, 2018 -

This is a A best Portable Vibrators for women, it can be Wearable in your briefs, this is a very privacy vibrator and you can use it any where.

Item Name: Portable Vibrator20177159322730436Dimensions: 74*35*94.5mm, 63.5g
Key Features:
1. Small Size, Portable
2. 10-Meter Remote Control
3. Workable without Remote
4. 8 Vibe Patterns
5. Battery 240mAh
6. Self-designed
7. Made with skin-friendly smooth silicone
8. Noise <50dB
9. IP67 submersible and dust-tight
10. 5 Colors optional
11. USB Rechargeable, 2 Hours of Use with a Single Charge
12. CE/ROHS Certified
13. Easy-to-Use Control Interface

Matters  meed attention

Before use: First check the vibration bar is sufficient electricity, avoid the use of insufficient electricity during the process, resulting in high tide interruption, and then clean with clean liquid washing surface disinfection, it is recommended to apply a proper,amount of human body lubrication to the surface of the product.

After use: After use, please clean the vibrating bar in time, and then dry it with the paper towel.

Storage: In order to extend the life of the product, please place the product in a colland dry place to avoid sun exposure.

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