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Why Couples Should Use Sex Toys Together?
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Do you usually use your sex toys when you’re masturbating? They don’t have to be relegated to image.png

solo play. Couples of all kinds enjoy all kinds of sex toys from vibrating to kinky. If you’re not ready to share your favorite toy with a partner, you can always shop together for something new.

Because toys add spice and fun to your sex life. Sex toys benefit relationships more than most people realize.

Here are some sex toys for couples for your reference.

  1. We vibe sex toy for coupleimage.png

    This toy is shaped like the letter C and is worn by the female during intercourse. The We-vibe takes care of clitoral stimulation and g-spot stimulation simultaneously and has an app for smartphones and tablets.

2. Couple's cock ringimage.png

Discover more pleasure during intimacy with vibrating rings. Using a little water-based lube, they slide down to the base of an erect penis, transforming it into a vibrator that pleases both partners simultaneously during lovemaking

3. Couple's cock ring with anal plug

For millennia man has sought to pair the pleasures of penetration with that of P-spot play. Finally his search ends with the Lovehoney Wowzer Double Cock Ring and Vibrating Butt Plug, the missing sex toy link.


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