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What are G-Spot Vibrators?
- Nov 13, 2018 -

What are G-Spot Vibrators?

You can easily tell if a vibrator is designed to hit your G-Spot just by looking at its shape. While regular vibes have a tapered or rounded tip, G-Spot vibes have a curved tip. This curve helps them stand out from the crowd. But it also makes it much easier for you to find your G-Spot, which is located near the front of the vagina toward the belly button.

4-The trick is to insert your G-Spot vibe with the tip pointing toward your belly button. The curved tip allows these vibrators to “point” at the G-Spot like an O-seeking arrow. You’ll still need to gently shift and wiggle the vibrator around to find your G-Spot, but the curved tip does most of the work for you!

After finding the spot, the tip helps maximize your pleasure as well. Many G-Spot tips are bulbous or enlarged to make direct stimulation easier. Focusing vibrations directly on your G-Spot helps increase your pleasure even more for maximum satisfaction. The enlarged tip also helps keep the vibe in contact with your G-Spot no matter how much squirming or wiggling you do!

Of course, G-Spot vibrators have more fun features than just their tip. Many G-Spot vibes feature a textured shaft or massaging beads for vaginal stimulation. Others even include a clitoral stimulator. Some of our most popular rabbit vibrators double as G-Spot vibes too. This ability to stimulate two key erogenous zones at the same time has helped countless women experience their first-ever Big O.

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