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TOPTIME sex toy knowledge for Sex Positions
- Dec 07, 2018 -

Ringing the Bell

A fun sex position that anyone can do, Ringing the Bell is ideal for deep penetration and G-Spot thrills.  

Rocking Horse Illustrated Sex Position
Rocking Horse

A more intimate version of cowgirl, this sex position allows both partners to rock together for increased passion and pleasure. 

Side Saddle Illustrated Sex Position
Side Saddle

Take the ride of your life! A fun twist to the basic cowgirl, this sex position shifts you to the side - allowing your partner to admire all your "bouncing" assets while leaving you in control!    

Legs Up Illustrated Sex Position
Legs Up

Designed for deep penetration, this sex position gives your partner easier access to your clit and G-Spot for additional thrills.   

Anal Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position
Anal Reverse Cowgirl

Perfect for backdoor beginners, this anal sex position allows the woman to set the pace for safer and more comfortable action.   

The Fast Lane Illustrated Sex Position
The Fast Lane

A slightly more challenging version of missionary, this sex position elevates her hips for deeper penetration and fast-paced action.  

Towering Pine Illustrated Sex Position
Towering Pine

Great for building intimacy between partners, this missionary-based position also allows for deeper penetration during sex.     

The Dome Sex Position
The Dome

Push your flexibility to the limits with this challenging sex position for advanced users!    

Jumping Rabbit Sex Position
Jumping Rabbit

Enjoy deeper penetration and increased stimulation with this more difficult version of basic doggy.    

Swinging Reverse Cowgirl Illustrated Sex Position

Swinging Reverse Cowgirl

This woman on top sex position allows her to enjoy enhanced clitoral stimulation while setting the pace and taking control during sex.   

The Raft Illustrated Sex Position

The Raft

Enjoy the best features of both doggy and reverse cowgirl with this challenging sex position!    

Push Up Illustrated Sex Position

Push Up

This sex position for beginners combines some of the best features of both missionary and cowgirl to create a unique position that’s sure to please you and your lover.   

The Nurturer Illustrated Sex Position

The Nurturer

This beginner-friendly sex position puts the woman on top so she can take charge while fostering a closer and more nurturing relationship with her partner at the same time.    

Beauty Inverted Illustrated Sex Position

Beauty Inverted

Flip your partner head over heels for euphoric sensations with this advanced sex position ripped from the pages of the original Kama Sutra.    

Crouching Lions Illustrated Sex Position

Crouching Lions

Make her G-Spot easier to find and tease with this advanced sex position that locks your legs together.    

The Wheelbarrow Illustrated Sex Position

The Wheelbarrow

Heighten her sexual pleasure even more with this euphoric sex position that can challenge even the kinkiest couples.    

Birds in Flight Illustrated Sex Position

Birds in Flight

Designed for women who like to be on top, this beginner sex position is a more refined version of cowgirl that’s easier to do.    

Climbing Mountain Illustrated Sex Position

Climbing Mountain

This intermediate sex position helps relieve some of the stress involved in reverse cowgirl for longer-lasting fun. It puts the woman on top so she can take control.    

Bent Over Illustrated Sex Position

Bent Over

Bent Over is a beginner sex position that works great inside and outside the bedroom.   

Straddling Tree Illustrated Sex Position

Straddling Tree

This intermediate sex position combines some of the best benefits of both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl while providing her with extra support and stimulation.    

Playing Footsy Illustrated Sex Position

Playing Footsy

Increase her fun as well as his with this intermediate sex position that’s ideal for foot lovers!  

Basic Missionary Illustrated Sex Position
Basic Missionary

Don’t waste valuable sex time trying to twist your body into some wacky and uncomfortable shape. Basic missionary is a beginner sex position that anyone can do and provides plenty of fun potential.     

Leapfrog Illustrated Sex Position

Enjoy an adult spin on the classic game with this intermediate sex position.  

Basic Cowgirl Illustrated Sex Position
Basic Cowgirl

Basic cowgirl is a beginner sex position that puts women on top and in control.   

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