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Small size, easy to carry and use
- Jul 23, 2018 -

The AV stick is also a fun jumping egg - a long jump egg. At first, the AV stick was a massage stick designed for teasing, but because of its powerful function, it attracted many women's attention and turned into a favorite item for the public.

The overall vibrating AV stick is divided into a handle that is used to massage the head and place the remote control. Most of the AV rods are designed for frequency conversion, and the control device is on the rod body, and the appropriate vibration frequency can be selected according to its own needs. The head can change the angle of massage at will, and the head of some AV sticks can be replaced. For example, UnLess has three different heads that can be replaced.


1. Simple and stylish appearance, loved by the public.

2. Small size, easy to carry and use.

3. The head can be adjusted, free to bend the angle, massage position to choose.

4. Inverter remote control, enjoy the thrill of tailoring yourself.

5. Different massage heads, different ways of experience.

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