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Sex Positions
- Nov 22, 2018 -

Stirring the Pot Illustrated Sex Position
Stirring the Pot

Cook up some sexy thrills with this sex position made for fun in the kitchen or dining room!    

The Upside Down Sex Position
The Upside Down

Brace yourself for a head-rush of pleasure! This wild oral sex position leaves both partners on the giving and recieving end of tongue-wagging thrills - making it great for kinky foreplay!     

Winged Victory Sex Position
Winged Victory

Dive deep while tickling her G-Spot with this intermediate sex position. Controlling her legs during sex makes it easier to adjust position as well for increased fun.    

Best Position for Anal Sex
Best 3 Anal Sex Positions

Find the best anal sex position for you and your partner! We took an informal poll among experienced backdoor lovers and found the most popular positions for anal sex. Check them out for yourself and decided which one you want to try. Or go ahead and do all of them!    

Anal Spoon Sex Position
Anal Spoon

Feel closer and more intimate with your partner than ever before with this classic sex position made for taboo thrills and hands-on fun.  

Bended Knee Sex Position
Bended Knee

This creative sex position is sure to shock and surprise your partner while helping you both grow closer together as a couple.  

Basic Doggy Illustrated Sex Position
Basic Doggy

Easy enough for pretty much anyone to try, this sex position shows off your wild side for a night of crazy fun. it's great for fast-paced action, deep penetration and G-Spot stimulation.  

Naughty Show Masturbation Position
Naughty Show

Created for partners who like to masturbate together, you can both give each other something sexy and stimulating to watch!  

Standing Doggy Sex Position
Standing Doggy

Made for deeper penetration, this sex position is great for those times when a bed isn't nearby or convenient.   

Standing Cowgirl Sex Position
Standing Cowgirl

It takes some impressive muscles - for him and her alike - to pull off this sex position. But the kinky thrill of standing sex as well as the increased intimacy make it all worthwhile!  

Figurehead Sex Position

Designed for fast-paced action, this sex position allows both partners to thrust together - creating a sense of enhanced intimacy and partnership.  

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