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Pay attention to the possible harm of prevention
- Jul 23, 2018 -

The prostate is the most common problem in the male genitourinary system. Prostatitis commonly seen in men of all ages can be divided into acute and chronic, usually caused by bacterial infections in other parts of the body. China is the world's prostate disease. The country with the largest number of people. The prostate massager is a massage device that massages the prostate and prostate health. Also known as the prostate stimulator. When using a prostate massager, be sure to pay attention to its use, and pay attention to the possible harm. Non-medical instruments, belonging to general health massage products.

1. Emptying stools;

2. Wash the massager with warm water and antibacterial soap, rinse with clean hot water, and dry gently with a towel or a soft cloth;

3. Use a water-soluble lubricant to moisturize the anus and insert the massager into the backcourt;

4, lying on the side, twisting the legs to the chest, so that the sphincter is fully relaxed;

5. Gently insert the massager into the back court in a direction that conforms to the curve of the body. Do not use brute force. When inserting half, shrink the sphincter (ie, raise the anus), push the handle with the homeopath, and the massager will automatically slide the prostate. I feel the urine when I first insert it. This is normal;

When the prostate shaft is inserted into the anus, there will be a foreign body sensation at the beginning. It is recommended to do some breathing exercises at this time: slowly inhale for about 4-8 seconds, and stay for about a few seconds, then slowly exhale about 4-8. Seconds, relax and concentrate on the stimulated area, after 10 minutes of breathing as described above, the foreign body sensation will gradually disappear;

6. Slowly breathe, contract the sphincter (anal lift) while inhaling, and gently push the handle; relax the sphincter when exhaling, and gently lift the handle;

7. Repeat “Step 5” to massage the prostate for 10-30 minutes, preferably with prostate fluid draining from the urethra. If there is no drainage, there is no need to force it;

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