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Male Masturbation FAQ
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Male Masturbation FAQ

You asked question after question about masturbation. So we went to doctors and sex therapists, like Adam & Eve's own Dr. Jenni, for the honest truth to these common masturbation questions:

1. Does masturbation increase testosterone?

Testosterone levels do increase while you’re masturbating. But they drop back to normal once you’re done. Overall, masturbation has a very minimal and extremely short-term effect on testosterone. Despite what your coach might say, rubbing one out before the big game won’t hurt your chances. It might even help by reducing stress and allowing you to focus better.

2. Does masturbation cause hair loss?

Masturbation does not cause hair loss, and it doesn’t cause you to grow hairy palms either. "There are many unfortunate myths about masturbation – like it causing acne, blindness, or other health hazards. None of these are true!," said Dr. Jenni. This urban legend involves a lot of scientific terms such hormones and protein deficiencies, but it’s all just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. Baldness is partly due to hormones, but those particular hormones are not released during masturbation. Otherwise, they’d be a lot more bald people in the world.

3. Does masturbation cause ED?

Masturbation does not cause erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is caused by many different factors, including overall health, blood pressure problems, diabetes, age, and more. None of which are remotely tied to masturbation.

4. Does masturbation make your penis smaller?

No, masturbation does not make your penis smaller. This is simply another old wive's tale designed to scare you away from masturbation. Your penis can vary slightly in size depending on how aroused you are, blood pressure and other factors - aside from masturbation.

5. Does masturbation make your penis bigger?

No, masturbation does not make your penis larger. If it did, there would be guys walking around with 3-foot long stiffies. The size of your penis does vary depending on your arousal, blood flow and other factors that don't include masturbation.

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