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Male Masturbation
- Nov 27, 2018 -

No matter which direction you stroke it, this helpful male masturbation guide is loaded with fascinating tips from self-proclaimed experts at chocking chickens and beating bishops.

It will teach you everything you want to know about the timed-honored and fascinating sport of pocket pool – including advanced masturbation techniques, answers to common questions such as "Does masturbation increase testosterone?," and much more!

By the time you've finished reading masturbation guide, you'll be a master of the fine art of male masturbation and the five finger shuffle! 

The Top 5 Male Masturbation Techniques

There is no single best way to masturbate. Different guys like different techniques and styles, so here are a few of our favorites to help you get started:

1. Slow It Down
Most guys stroke fast and hard so they can reach an orgasm sooner. Slowing down your pace gives you time to better respond to your body’s signals about what feels good and what doesn’t. This masturbation technique can also lead to longer-lasting sex with your partner too.

2. The Hand Screw
Instead of moving your hand up and down your shaft, hold your hand in place and move your hips instead. This masturbation technique feels like you’re having sex with a partner – especially if your hand’s asleep when you start!

How do you like to masturbate? Infographic

3. Masturbating in the Shower
Most guys masturbate in the same one or two places, so you can spice things up by trying somewhere new like the shower! The sensation of hot water streaming down your body can rejuvenate even your oldest masturbation techniques and fantasies. And cleaning up afterwards is a breeze!

4. Switch Hands
Most guys masturbate with the same hand every time. Switching to your other hand might feel odd or throw off your rhythm – just like having sex with a new partner. But you just might learn something new in the bargain from this masturbation technique!

5. Get Vocal
If you love hearing your partner moan and groan during sex, you might want to try a little dirty talk yourself. Start off with some loud moans and grunts – like your favorite tennis players – and take it from there. Just make sure you’re completely alone before getting loud… unless you want this masturbation technique to attract an audience!

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