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About Anal Sex Toys
- Nov 13, 2018 -

We wanted to know how people felt about their first anal toy experience and what kind of impact it had on their sex lives. You might be surprised what over 2,000 person had to say about their backdoor adventures.

1. Was your first anal experience with an anal toy?

Surprisingly, 55% of respondents said their first time did not include a toy. While more and more Anal Sex Toy Surveypeople are interested in trying anal sex, it seems that anal sex toys aren’t quite as interesting. Keep in mind, however,we strongly recommend using an anal toy before having anal sex. Anal toys relax your backdoor muscles and allow your body to better adjust to the experience - resulting in more comfortable and more enjoyable anal sex. If you’ve had anal sex but never used a toy this is the perfect opportunity to educate yourself. Start your anal journey by answering the age-old question "What are anal toys?" and see where you end up.

Anal Sex Toy Survey2. Which best describes your first anal toy experience?

Among people who have used anal toys, 42% said it was better than they thought it would be and 33% called it AWESOME. 19% claimed it wasn't so bad, while 6% said it was awful. With 75% of people having a positive experience with anal toys, the odds are pretty good that you'll enjoy it too. We asked our in-house sexpert Dr. Jenni, a certified sex therapist with a doctorate in clinical sexology, why anal sex toys were so popular. “Because anal sex gets labeled as taboo and/or dirty, the forbidden thrill can be psychologically sexy," Dr. Jenni explained. "For those who get off on taboo fantasies or sex, anal sex can be just what the doctor ordered!”

Anal Sex Toy Survey3. What's your favorite anal toy?

The majority of visitors liked anal sex toys so much that they couldn't pick just one and said they weren't sure yet. 23% of our more experienced visitors, however, picked anal dildos, while anal vibes came close with 19%. The remaining vote was split between anal beads and butt plugs.

If you aren't sure what your favorite is, then check out our Ultimate Anal Toy Guide to learn everything you need to know about making an informed decision.

Anal Sex Toy Survey5. Would you recommend using an anal toy for someone else’s first time?

An amazing 91% of AdamEve.com visitors responded YES! It's hard to say "no" when you're faced with an overwhelming response like that! So, if you're an anal beginner looking for the right anal toy then you can count on Adam & Eve to put you on the right track!

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